Earth Day 2012

There are a thousands of ways to be green these days, and we do everything we can at Loup to help create sustainable products and sustainable business. We produce all collections locally in NYC, and source as many fabrics as possible domestically and from fair trade and Eco certified mills when we get fabric abroad, but we also focus on building the small local business communities so that the most precious things about small business can stay precious. There's always more we can do (and each season we set the bar higher for ourselves), but every little effort counts... What are you doing to celebrate the Earth today?


Two For The Road

The vibrant color, spirit and mood of 1967's Two for the Road was a huge influence on the Loup Spring/Summer 2012 collection and its "debutant road tripping across America" theme. I can never get enough of this film, or of Audrey Hepburn in this era, and the silhouettes for this season try to capture her ease but still daring style.
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