Everyone Says I Love You

Woody Allen's Everyone Says I Love You, the perfect uptown modern musical, full of penthouse apartments, strolls along the Seine and one of the best ensemble casts all singing endearingly slightly off key.

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Diner Journal

In addition to spending as much time outdoors as possible, Summer to me means more cooking and gathering with friends. Reading Diner Journal, created by the cool culinary crew at Marlow Inc, always fuels this fire to make creative meals with local ingredients. Tonight is the launch of the latest issue, so keep your eyes peeled at your local bookstores or subscribe here to receive this gorgeous foodie mag.

And remember to eat at their crazy delicious restaurants!

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Anjelica in the window

Always the Loup muse, Anjelica Huston in this image is a major inspiration for the Spring 2012 currently in the works.


Biba Mecca

Barbara Hulanicki

Images from the Biba department store that opened in the mid 60s and closed in the mid 70s in London. Dark and sultry, it was a highly successful venture conceived by Barbara Hulanicki that turned into a mecca for hip women to indulge in everything from womens, kids and mens clothing, household items, food and books. How bad do you wish it still existed today??
Fun fact: Anna Wintour worked at Biba when she was 15th!

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