In the Mood for Love

This weekend brought the viewing of the absurdly incredible tortured love story In the Mood for Love, set in 1960's Hong Kong and directed by Wong Kar-Wai. Not only is it moving and exciting, but it's gorgeous, especially with Maggie Cheung wearing one amazing outfit after another. Go rent now!

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T Shirt Swimsuit

An inspiration photo helping the creation of the perfect t shirt for the Loup customer for Fall/Holiday 2011

Kate Moss shot by Craig McDean, W Magazine April 2001


A time for color

Sublime use of color in The Umbrellas of Cherbourg (1964) starring Catherine Deneuve.
Perfect to brighten the dreary skies of winter. Plus, the film involves "sing talking"!


Ad Play

Researching for new Loup marketing inspiration, these late 1970's Dior ads popped up. The taglines are a little bit of a stretch, but some of the images (especially Jerry Hall riding a blowup shark featured in the Loup FH11 mood board) are pretty amazing.

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