I wish I knew where this was...

Where are you so I can hit some volleys, drink some lemonade and perhaps take a few photos?!


Japanese Cuteness

My good friend, and expat living in Tokyo, Kim Nguyen sent me these tears from Japanese fashion mag Jille. Why are Japanese magazines just so much more amazing than any other? It's great that the model loves tennis so much that she even has her racket when she's lounging on a soccer field. Definitely inspires me to do my next shoot on the courts.


Just a Minnesota Girl

via 90210

Love Brenda Walsh, love her style and love that this outfit totally fits into the future Loup SS2011 collection in the works right now.


Ladies and Gentlemen...

I recently rewatched "Ladies and Gentlemen, The Fabulous Stains" and remembered all over again how incredible it is!
Young gorgeous Diane Lane is a super confident 17 year old runaway punk rock star with out of this world style (with equally badass band mates including Laura Dern) who wears see-through shirts and underwear to empower herself. It's a movie about music, confidence, best friends, eye makeup and the media. The song "Professionals" has now been stuck in my head for days.
Rent it. Watch it. Love it.


Pillow Talk

My good friend/interior designer extraordinaire Shana introduced me to these needlepoint and hooked pillows from Richard Rothstein Needlepoint Pillows. I'm thoroughly obsessed and cannot stop thinking about them. They are funny and bright and I want a million of them on my couch. Which one would you choose??


Calm Yourself

Right now I'm shooting Fall/Resort and designing next Spring and things can get a little hectic. So I decided to share some pictures that make me happy, calm me down, and make me "day dream" instead of "day stress". Hope they help you too!


Carolyn Schnurer Resort Mania

Carolyn Schnurer was an American designer in the 1940's, creating beach and casual wear and innovative textiles inspired by her trips around the world. She only designed for about 15 years, but I think she definitely left her mark with some cool resort wear, making a girl's leisure time just that much more enjoyable.