Sketchbook 03

Very cool collages from Jess Draxler from Sketchbook 03.
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Goodbye, Carine

Dear Carine Roitfeld, thank you for some of the most expressive and stimulating editorials of all time, you will be missed.

Natalia Vodianova on the tennis court of the Playboy Mansion, shot by Mikael Jansson for February 2005 French Vogue.

images via LaModeDeLaAmour


Under There

We've been asked to make tennis shorts for our short little dresses for a while, but we think that these options would be just as cute under the Gathered Skirt Dress (available in Army Green in February) during any activity... Plus it would finally give you a place to wear novelty underwear.


Oh you're just perfect

2 of the 40 covers made for the Zeit Magazin 40th anniversary issue staring Claudia Schiffer.

Thanks to Aaron Morris


Hot Hits : Women for Sports

In honor of Loup becoming an official sponsor of the Volley Girls at the Delray Beach International Tennis Championships, it seems appropriate to salute women and sports... or at least cool vintage compilation album covers featuring women holding sports equipment.


Happy Hannukah!

Angelica Huston, shot by her then-boyfriend Bob Richardson, father of Terry

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Sassy at last

When I heard the news that Tavi Gevinson was in cahoots with Jane Pratt, the editor of Sassy Magazine, to start a new teen magazine, I was thrilled... Almost as much as when I was given the gift of dozens of old Sassy's a few months ago. Sassy was smart, funny and somehow "got" the wallflower teen who stilled loved fashion, boys and MTV when it was actually good.
Here are images from "Twirling", a spread from the November 1994 issue.
More to come...


Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice

There are a lot of cool modern prefab homes out there now a days, but I like Daniel Libeskind's because they remind me of the Deetz's house in the movie Beetlejuice...

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Inner Improvement

Making a collage after school

I've recently been really into collaging, with all it's hand make qualities and endless possibilities. These by Heather Comden are pretty inspiring, check out the rest of her work here.


Bend and Flip

I couldn't locate a clip with music, but this montage is super fun and the movie it's from, Stick It, should be viewed on mute while listening to some of your favorite motivating music anyway. Maybe watch Godard's Passion instead...


Table Tennis Counts Too

James Dean via Nerd Boyfriend, one of the best sites to browse through on a slow day...
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New York City, Played To Gershwin

The New York City skyline

Rockefeller Center

Washington Square Park

The U.N.

The Plaza Hotel

The Guggenheim

The Empire State Building

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